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Marriage may be a relationship based on love and affection, but it is also fundamentally an economic arrangement that provides for the raising of children. When a marriage ends in divorce, the duty of both parents to provide for the economic needs of their children does not end. Each parent has a legal responsibility to contribute to the support of the children, and the divorce will not be finalized until the family law judge sees that arrangements have been made for child support payments.

Matters of child support can be settled either:

  • through out-of-court negotiations in an uncontested divorce
  • by a judge in a contested divorce

In either case, it is important to work with a lawyer who has the skill necessary to effectively advocate for you.

How Much Child Support Will I Have To Pay?

Several factors go into determining which parent will pay child support and how much he or she will pay. Generally, the parent who receives primary child custody will also end up receiving support payments. The amount of payment is decided based on:

  • an evaluation of the financial resources available to each parent;
  • the standard of living that the children would have enjoyed had the marriage endured;
  • the needs of the children

At Bowen & Associates, LLC, we work to safeguard the best interests of our clients, and whether you are seeking child support or expect to be ordered to pay support, we want to help you pursue an outcome that is fair and does not subject you to unnecessary financial hardship.

Need To Establish Paternity So You Can Get Child Support?

It is also possible to claim child support even if a mother and father of children have never been married. When a child is born to an unwed mother, there is no legal presumption as to the identity of the father, and unless the man affirms paternity, he will not be liable to pay support. If you have decided to demand the financial support that you need and deserve for your child, we may be able to help you file a paternity action. This may involve using DNA testing to prove the biological relationship between the man and child. Once you have proven paternity, you can then sue in court for an order to pay support.

Indianapolis Child Support Resources

We understand how confusing the laws and guidelines concerning child support can be. To help you to better understand the system and know more about your rights, we are providing you with links that you can follow to find valuable resources on the subject of child support:

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