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Divorce has the potential to greatly impact the future of anyone who chooses this course of action. This is especially true, however, in cases in which either or both of the spouses possess considerable wealth or are professionals with considerable income.

The amount that each party has to gain or lose in such a case can be significant, and both sides therefore are typically far more intent on pursuing an outcome that favors their interests. If you are preparing to divorce and want proven legal representation to guide you through the process and work to safeguard your personal interests, come to Bowen & Associates, LLC.

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When you hire our firm, you will be working with an Indianapolis divorce lawyer who has a reputation for representing clients in high net worth and high-profile divorces. Ours is a small, boutique law office where you can receive personalized attention and individual service, yet we have the resources and experience that you expect to find at big law firms. We represent:

  • top executives
  • politicians
  • business leaders
  • religious leaders
  • professional athletes
  • other attorneys who want discreet and effective legal counsel

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High net worth divorces require careful preparation and skillful litigation throughout the process. For example, it is often necessary to work closely with accountants, financial advisors and other professionals who can assist in matters of business and asset valuation for the purposes of determining the division of assets and spousal maintenance. Furthermore, we work to help our clients resolve their issues while maintaining as much privacy as possible by seeking to keep their personal affairs out of the court record. We know how much is at stake for you and we are ready to help you.

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