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Domestic partnerships are helpful for people who would prefer to avoid the formalities of marriage. While this may be the ideal arrangement for your situation, it is important to realize that forming a partnership may pose certain economic risks should the relationship come to an end. Come to Bowen & Associates, LLC to work with an Indianapolis family lawyer who can help you make informed decisions for your domestic partnership.

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Why You Need a Cohabitation Agreement

The need for a cohabitation agreement may not be evident during the course of a domestic partnership. In many ways, the life shared by two partners closely resembles that shared by a married couple, making it difficult to anticipate the problems that can arise in the case of a breakup or emergency; however, because state law does not provide domestic partners with the same legal rights as married couples, it is essential that you plan ahead.

A cohabitation agreement can establish legally enforceable terms that will last throughout the duration of your domestic partnership. For example, the document can provide stability during the relationship by clearly defining each party's rights and responsibilities. In the event that the relationship ends, provisions for property division will simplify the process of separation.

Likewise, a cohabitation agreement can provide for the following needs:

  • Guardianship and parental rights
  • Paternal rights concerning a child born into the partnership
  • Inheritance, in the event of the incapacity or death of either party
  • Powers of attorney (the ability to speak for the other spouse in a medical emergency)
  • The right to pursue spousal maintenance and division of assets after a break up

The value of a cohabitation agreement cannot be understated. By drawing up a legally binding document at the outset of your partnership, you can ensure that both parties enter the relationship with the same expectations. This will protect your rights throughout the relationship and ensure that you have a basis for resolving a number of legal disputes, should they arise.

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