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Why a Paternity Action Is Necessary

When a woman gives birth to a child and was either never married or has been divorced for at least 300 days, there is no legal presumption as to the identity of the child's father. The father may sign a paternity affidavit at this time, but if he does not, then the man has no legal rights or responsibilities in respect to the child. As a result, any time that the father spends with the child will be entirely at the discretion and prerogative of the mother. Moreover, the mother will not be entitled to claim payments for child support.

Reasons to File a Paternity Action in Indianapolis

For the Father

By successfully filing a paternity action, the father makes himself eligible to go to court to request child custody or rights of visitation / parenting time. Once he has established himself as the biological father, he has a right to pursue custody and visitation and may be granted them provided that it is in the best interests of the child.

For the Mother

A mother typically files a paternity action against a man that she believes to be the father of her child with the purpose of proving the biological relationship and thereby laying the foundation for a claim of child support. You should not be forced to shoulder the full economic burden of raising your child and you have a right to demand that the father contribute toward providing for your child's needs.

For the Child

A paternity action can benefit a child in many ways, including providing him or her with the opportunity to spend time with the father and to be financially supported. With paternity established legally, the child gains access to his or her family medical history on the father's side and is able to receive organ or blood donation if necessary. The child will also be able to claim rights of inheritance, as well as receive insurance, Social Security benefits, and monetary damages in a wrongful death action.

Paternity Court in Indianapolis

The Paternity Court of the Marion County Circuit Court handles paternity actions and child support collection for Indianapolis and the rest of Marion County. In 2004, it accounted for $80 million in child support collections, money which went to 59,875 single heads of households. Paternity court does not only handle child support. It is also the venue in which a father may assert his biological relationship with his child, thereby establishing a legal parental relationship.

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