Post-Dissolution Issues in Indianapolis Divorce

Need a lawyer to modify or enforce a divorce decree?

At Bowen & Associates, LLC, we assist clients not only with actions involved in getting a divorce but also with issues that frequently arise in the months and years following the day when you receive your decree of dissolution of marriage. No matter how hard you work for divorce terms that you think will benefit you in the long term, there is no way to predict what will happen after your divorce is finalized.

Circumstances change, and you may end up being forced to live with court orders that simply do not work for you. Additionally, your ex-spouse may start violating the terms of the orders, making it necessary for you to bring the matter before a judge for enforcement. Whatever the issue, we are ready to help you.

How to Modify a Court Order

When there has been a substantial change in circumstances following your divorce, it may be possible to obtain a post-dissolution modification of the terms you received for:

‚ÄčFor example, you may have lost your job and can no longer keep up with your obligation to pay child support. Perhaps you have learned that your former spouse has gotten a pay raise and can now afford to pay more support. Custody and visitation modifications are often necessary when one of the parents is planning to move to another state or when concerns over possible abuse prompt one parent to seek to deny visitation with the other parent.

How to Enforce a Court Order

In the event that your ex-spouse is no longer complying with the terms of the court orders - or is purposefully violating the orders - our divorce lawyers may be able to help you rectify the situation by representing you in court with a request for enforcement. Depending on the circumstances, the court may compel your ex-spouse to comply through such incentivized measures as:

  • a driver's license suspension
  • wage garnishment
  • arrest

You should not be forced to struggle and argue to get your former spouse to live up to his or her obligations. Let us fight for you and help you get what you deserve.

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