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What are the benefits of a prenup?

More and more couples in Indianapolis and throughout the United States are choosing to take the precaution of creating a prenuptial agreement prior to entering into a marriage. While signing a document that sets terms concerning what would happen in the event of divorce may not be the most romantic thing you can think of doing when you are getting ready to marry, it is nevertheless a highly advisable legal action for you to take. Statistically speaking, the divorce rate is very high, making it wise to prepare for the possibility of divorce, just as you purchase insurance to provide for your needs in case of an accident.

What to Include in a Prenuptial Agreement

Most prenuptial agreements focus primarily on two subjects:

‚ÄčThe agreement will usually set aside certain assets that will be exempted from the asset division in the event of divorce or it may stipulate that other items will be provided to one of the spouses. Premarital agreements can be used to make arrangements for alimony, such as:

  • Predetermining how much will be paid
  • Denying the right to pursue alimony
  • Stating that alimony will be automatically awarded in the event of adultery or some other condition

Your prenuptial agreement may even play a role in your estate planning strategy, such as by influencing the rights of inheritance when there are children from a prior marriage.

How a Prenup Can Strengthen Your Marriage

While some people fear that signing a prenuptial agreement makes divorce almost inevitable, the fact is that many people who have done so report that it actually contributes to the strength of their marriage. With such an agreement in place, you and your spouse both gain a clear understanding of each other's economic rights and responsibilities, and there will also be far less doubt concerning what would happen in a divorce. If this agreement sounds like an option that you want to pursue, contact us at Bowen & Associates, LLC to learn more about the benefits and to get started working with an Indianapolis family law attorney.

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