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How is spousal support decided in Indiana?

The decision to award alimony to either of spouse in a divorce is not automatic. Instead, Indiana state law provides that the family law court may decide to order payment of spousal maintenance based on certain circumstances. If the parties to the divorce previously executed a prenuptial agreement that specifically addressed the question of spousal maintenance, this is taken into account. In most cases, however, the issue will not come up unless one of the spouses requests it in the petition for divorce or during negotiations in an uncontested divorce.

When determining whether or not to award spousal maintenance to either party, a judge will consider several factors including the following:

  • Financial circumstances of each spouse, both in respect to their economic resources and their income capacity. If either spouse is at risk of being placed in financial hardship after the divorce, he or she is more likely to be granted a request for alimony.
  • Which parent will receive child custody, as well as how much each spouse will receive in the division of assets. In many cases, spousal maintenance is awarded on a temporary basis with the purpose of providing the recipient with the necessary wherewithal to pursue the training or education needed to find suitable employment to become financially independent.

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