Beware of the $43.00 Divorce

One of the true pleasures I have as a family lawyer in Indiana is the people I meet and speak with on a daily basis. I have represented hundreds and hundreds of people over the years and have the war stories to prove it. That is a blog post for another day!

But one story that I feel compelled to share with you is the $43 divorce case. A woman in her late 30′s called me this week and began to ask me some questions about divorce in Indiana. We spent a reasonable amount of time on the phone, and I felt like I had answered most of her questions and we had a nice discussion. Then it was time to talk money.

She asked me how lawyers charge, and I gave her some basic information about retainers and hourly rates, etc. I always feel comfortable discussing my pricing with potential clients because I keep very close tabs on what other lawyers in the area are charging, to make sure my rates stay very competitive.

She was silent for a few seconds – before she said, “are you serious??” While I found this to be a bit comical, I calmly responded: “Yes, I am serious.”

She then proceeded to tell me that “her friend” had gotten a divorce last year for $43.00 with a kit from the internet. This time I was silent for a few seconds before I replied that I found that a bit hard to believe because the filing fee alone is well over $150.00.

Folks be careful out there when it comes to what you hear and see on the internet. Can you get divorced for $43 in the state of Indiana? Not that I have ever seen. Can you file for divorce representing yourself? Of course you can. Would I advise it? It depends.

The point is that most family lawyers I know offer a free consultation. Do yourself a favor and avoid the temptation to seek a $43 divorce. Contact a Bowen Law, LLC family lawyer today to discuss your legal issue for free. Take advantage of this resource before you go chasing down $43 divorces and regret the results.

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