How to Choose a Family Law Attorney - Tip No. 2.

In our series on how to choose a family law attorney, Justin’s Tip. No. 1 was to call the attorney. Don’t laugh! Yes, of course you have to call them to even set up an appointment - I get it. The point of calling is to essentially interview the family lawyer. As we discussed in our previous post, calling the lawyer helps you get a feel for the type of lawyer you are dealing with, and whether or not you have professional chemistry. Do you like him or her? Also, how important did your call seem to the family lawyer? Use this information as one piece of the puzzle to help you make a decision.

Justin’s Tip Number 2: Does the “family lawyer” focus primarily on family law? Many lawyers today are very well trained and have a lot of experience in various areas of the law. They are adept at being ”competent” in numerous areas of the law. And that broad experience can be a good thing – especially in those times when your family law issue bleeds into other areas of the law.

But the law, no matter what the area, can be very complex and full of nuances. It is one thing to be able to “get through” a divorce as a lawyer. It is entirely different matter altogether to be able to provide insight and a perspective that only comes with doing one thing and putting the majority of your energy into doing that ‘thing’ very well.

I compare it to being a runner. It is one thing to be able to physically run. It takes, legs, balance, muscle, and a little bit of room – and you can run across the street. It is another thing to be able to run a mile. It takes, legs, balance, muscle, stamina, and more room – and you can run down the road out of the neighborhood for a mile.

But it is an altogether different situation to be able to run a marathon. That takes steady discipline. That takes time. It takes training. It takes study in some cases, learning the small details of how to make yourself faster and be able to run the distance. It takes experience. It takes the desire to get better, and the willingness to put in the long hours and hard work necessary to become a great runner.

The same is true for lawyers. Make sure the lawyer you choose focuses at least 70% his practice on family law. Do they have 25 practice areas and one happens to be family law? Or do they focus or concentrate on family law? That is, is the majority of their time spent on honing their skills as a family law practitioner? This should be a very important part of your decision.

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