How To Choose A Family Law Attorney - Tip No. 3

Continuing in our series of How to Choose A Family Law Attorney, Tip No. 3 is to meet with the attorney. Again, this may sound simplistic - and it is. But when you are meeting with the attorney, you are again giving yourself the opportunity to interview the lawyer.

When you arrived at the lawyers office, were you greeted in a kind, professional manner? Did the receptionist smile and offer you a chair, cup of coffe, water, etc.? It may seem trivial, but the way you are treated when you walk into a law firm can be indicative of how you may be treated as a client.

Was the waiting area clean and orderly? Or, were there half empty cups of coffee laying about and tattered magazines from last fall lying around? Is that how your file will be handled? It’s worth considering. Remember, pay attention to the small details.

How long did you have to wait to see the lawyer? Five minutes or less? Ten minutes? 20 minutes? Family Lawyers in a successful law practice are very busy, but your time is also valuable. A wait time of more than ten minutes after your appoinment may be a red flag. If you start to nod off in the waiting room because your wait is too long…then there may be issues. Is the lawyer too busy to devote appropriate time to your case? If there is a legitmate reason that the lawyer will be more than ten minutes late, did he come out to the reception area and offer an apology and offer to reschedule? Or were you forced to just sit and wonder what is going on – ?

Yes the lawyer possesses technical skill, knowledge, and expertise that you need to effectuate your legal goals. But at the end of the day, YOU are the boss and you should insist on being treated with respect. Make sure the lawyer you choose shows you how valuable you are – and treats you with the respect and dignity that you and your case deserve.