What is a 'high profile' divorce?

It happens frequently in Hollywood: celebrity couples getting a divorce. Recent headlines include Heidi Klum and Seal, Katy Perry and Russell Brand, and who can forget the "famous for being famous" reality TV diva Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Divorce. Well no matter what your take on these high-profile Hollywood divorces, it just goes to show that relationships break down - and no one - certainly not even the rich and famous - are immune.

At Bowen Law, LLC, we are sometimes approached by people with a high profile seeking a divorce or legal separation. No, unfortunately I did not get the call when Heidi Klum was looking for counsel (darn! - I could have landed a guest judge spot on 'Project Runway'!?). But keep in mind - "high profile" does not mean you host your own national television show or have won an Oscar. High profile can mean that because of the business or profession that you are in, news of a divorce would not be beneficial to you, your family, or your business associates.

Hypothetical Example 1: CEO of a successful, large, local, publicly traded company is seeking a divorce from his wife of 27 years. He is concerned that shareholders of the company will get leery if word about the divorce gets out. He is afraid shareholders will think he is moving from the state or retiring due to the divorce. He is also concerned that the board of directors will lose faith in him because they will assume the divorce will keep him distracted from the day to day operations of the business. Because he wants to protect the value of the company, he chooses a boutique law firm with experience in these sensitive matters.

Hypothetical Example 2: Politician running for office in northern Indiana. Finds out her husband was seeing a woman who she knows is a second cousin of his. Wants a divorce but is afraid her husband's indiscretions with a second cousin would reflect poorly on her and affect her campaign. She selects a lawyer with experience in high profile divorce.

Hypothetical Example 3: Everyday couple with three children. Heavily involved with the church, and he works as a VP for a company that caters to businesses with a religious focus. He wants a divorce but is afraid that word of the divorce will jeopardize his standing at his company. He chooses Bowen Law, LLC to help guide him through this difficult time.

Hypothetical Example 4: Professional athlete seeks a divorce. Has only been married 1 year and is concerned his financial assets are at risk because he had found his "soul mate" and did not have a prenuptial agreement in place. His wife has depleted the bank accounts and wants him to move out of their million dollar home in the posh neighborhood on the water. She also told him she was pregnant. He called his mother first, and then sought experienced counsel to help him.

Hypothetical Example 5: Wife wants a divorce from cheating husband. Wife is a partner at Large Law Firm in Indianapolis and husband has been a stay at home dad for ten years. Large Law Firm and Mega Law Firm are planning a merger in the next six months. She has been the driving force behind the merger and knows if it works she will get the credit - and if it doesn't she will get blamed. She seeks a lawyer with experience in these type of matters to successfully keep the focus on the merger - and not her untidy divorce.

Hypothetical Example 6: College professor with excellent academic credentials gets granted an interview for a Department Chair position at a large Indiana private Catholic university. He is afraid that word of his divorce will ruin his chances of being hired at the university for this prominent position. He selects Indianapolis-based Bowen Law, LLC to handle these sensitive matters.

So the reality is that you don't have to be a Hollywood celebrity to have special needs as those needs relate to a pending divorce. There are a myriad of circumstances that may require special handling.

If you or someone you know is in need of a law firm with experience handling these type of sensitive matters, please call us today. Of course your total privacy and confidentiality is assured. Our offices are conveniently located at Keystone at the Crossing, and there is no fee for an initial consultation. We look forward to talking with you.