5 Common Sense Tips to Avoid a DUI

"Do Yourself a Favor – 5 Helpful Tips for Avoiding a DUI"

Yes the holidays are over, and yes, January is a slower month for traffic in the local pubs. But be that as it may, that certainly does not mean that law enforcement officers have slowed down on the amount of DUI checkpoints and arrests they are expected to make. It is very safe to assume that you arenever safe from getting pulled over by a police officer, no matter the time, date, location, or distance you are driving. As such, take a few moments to read through a few common-sense tips to help you stay safe and avoid dealing with law enforcement when you indulge in a few adult beverages.

Tip 1: Don't drink and drive, no matter the amount. While you may believe that relying upon the "one drink per hour" rule is sufficient, it certainly does not work for every case. For example, even two men of similar build, weight, and height may not process alcohol at the same rate. Many factors have an effect on your blood alcohol content, and so it is not wise to rely on this general rule of thumb. Also, if you are pulled over, even if your breathalyzer results are below the legal limit, you may still be subject to the additional hassle of blood tests, etc. It is best just to avoid alcohol altogether if you intend to operate a vehicle.

Tip 2: See Tip #1. Yes, it is THAT important.

Tip 3: Take a city cab, Lyft, or Uber. In this day and age, it is incredible how quickly (and cheaply) a car service can come to your rescue. Indianapolis and surrounding areas are very lucky to have Lyft and Uber available 24 hours a day. All you need to do is download the Lyft or Uber App on your smartphone and enter your credit card information. When you are ready to go home, simply request a ride and a driver will come to your exact location. You don't even need to know where you are!! The app can use GPS technology to find you. The App will even charge your card automatically. Continue reading DUI Rates Decline Due to Uber to see how these car services have helped people avoid run-ins with the law. For the 'old school' crowd you can always hail a cab – or ask the bartender to call a cab for you. And maybe best of all – and certainly the cheapest – is a designated driver. Choose a friend you trust to stay sober, and maybe even offer to pay for their gas. You will be much better off than dealing with the consequences of a driving while intoxicated charge.

Tip 4: Keep a portable breathalyzer in your car for emergency use. Technology has come a long way, and devices such as the BACtrack, and the Breathometer have made it much easier to keep an eye on your blood alcohol content. These portable breathalyzers are available at Best Buy and some models can cost less than $50.00. The software that comes with the purchase can tell you things such as how long it will take for you to reach a 0.0 blood alcohol content. The technology is not perfect – and these machines should not be relied upon completely when making the decision whether to operate a vehicle or not. However, they do provide you with a general idea of your level of intoxication, to help you make smart, safe decisions. As always, never operate a vehicle unless your blood alcohol content (BAC) is well below the legal limit of .08%. Better yet, see Tip #1 and #2, above.

Tip 5: Hire an attorney that has experience in DUI defense. If you do find yourself in the unfortunate position of being charged with a DUI, contact Bowen & Associates at (317) 565-2221 immediately for a free consultation. Do not wait. Speaking with an experienced lawyer who knows the landscape of the court system and can answer your questions will take a huge weight off of your shoulders. Call a true professional when the need arises. We understand that you have rights that need to be protected, and we will do everything we can to minimize the impact the DUI charge has on you and your family. Call our offices today to speak with one of our lawyers, and experience the difference of Bowen & Associates for yourself.